Meet Apptium at CEM in Telecoms Global Summit

CEM in Telecoms Global Summit

London, UKJanuary 29 – 31, 2018

Master Digital Transformation to Embrace Evolving Customer Demands

Customer demands are constantly evolving and will not slow down.

To combat this operators have been managing digital transformation, seamless omnichannel experiences and embedding the Voice of the Customer into their operations. However, with technology breeding disruptive competitors and greater consumer standards, it is increasingly difficult to maintain pace with customers. This is all making operators connect with customers in new ways on new channels with new products.

CEM Global addresses pertinent challenges for B2B and B2C in London on 30th January – 2nd February, 2018 with practitioners given the opportunity to learn from tangible case studies and sit side-by-side with their peers to deduce how to drive revenue through digital transformation, customer-centricity, data analytics, and organizational culture.

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We invite you to meet with members of our leadership team at CEM in Telecoms Global Summit.  Stop by our booth #11 and be sure to attend our Speaking Session:

Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of Next-Generation Operating Models

Thursday, January 31st @ 2:15pm
In this digital economy, consumers have been empowered to demand sophisticated interactions across multiple channels from their service providers.  Service providers in turn need to align their technology and business models to more effectively engage these digital customers and meet their demands.  Re-shaping the enterprise using next-generation operating models can achieve value while enabling customer journey optimization.

  • What it takes to deliver breakthrough customer experiences through Digital reshaping 
  • What, and how much companies can achieve by redesigning customer journeys
  • Measuring customer satisfaction to understand what really important and correlating value shareholder returns

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