Meet Apptium at CEM in Telecoms Americas

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Americas

Washington, DC | June 18 – June 19, 2019

Boosting customer satisfaction scores and reducing churn through digital mobility and proactive service.
Last year at the CEM in Telecoms Americas Forum, we looked at how technology is giving rise to greater customer expectations and shaping CX strategy, how to tap your way into the world of AI and how to continue developing your internal processes with your external customers in mind at all stages.

This June, join Americas CX elite to emerge yourself in latest use cases of technology and to gather tips on implementation and streamlining processes on the journey to deliver game-changing results in increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

You will discuss how to achieve digital mobility for your customers, increase data liquidity to unlock proactive service and to prepare your customer care for the age of network innovation through carefully considering and designing the customer management ecosystem.

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We invite you to meet with members of our leadership team at CEM in Telecoms Americas.  Stop by our booth and be sure to attend our speaking session led by our CEO, Rick Kapani on June 18th @ 10:30 am:

Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of Next-Generation Operating Models

In this digital economy, consumers have been empowered to demand sophisticated interactions across multiple channels from their service providers. Service providers in turn need to align their technology and business models to more effectively engage these digital customers and meet their demands. Re-shaping the enterprise using next-generation operating models can achieve value while enabling customer journey optimization.

  • What it takes to deliver breakthrough customer experiences through digital reshaping
  • What, and how much companies can achieve by redesigning customer journeys
  • Measuring customer satisfaction to understand what really important and correlating value shareholder returns

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