Meet Apptium at CEM in Telecoms North America

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms North America

Atlanta, GAOctober 25 – October 26, 2017

Building upon the foundations of customer experience in the American Telecoms industry through transformation, collaboration and innovation…

In an increasingly competitive, saturated and consolidated telecoms market, customer experience is becoming evermore important. Many operators are still focused only on bottom-line revenue, with the CX teams struggling to justify further investment into their business units. However, recent studies have shown that companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues 4-8% above the industry average, and more alarmingly, in the US alone the estimated cost of customers switching due to a poor experience is $1.6 trillion!

So what can be done? This depends on each operator, and the unique challenges they face. Some will want to offer their customers the latest in innovative experiences such as automation, applied AI and hyper-personalized services, others will want to utilize big data and analytics to better understand customer behavior. Others still will be focused on tackling the ongoing issues of change management. However, all will ultimately be focused on the one core challenge – becoming a truly customer centric operator.

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We invite you to meet with members of our leadership team at CEM in Telecoms North America.  Stop by our booth and be sure to attend our IDG (Interactive Discussion Group) Session led by our CEO, Rick Kapani:

Using AI to Take the Customer Experience to the Next Level

  • Engaging your customers on their terms, with real-time, seamless communication and connections
  • Picking up the trail of data as customers bounce from channel to channel
  • Predicting your customer’s behavior, instead of using the rear-view tracking approach
  • Enabling hyper-personalization using customer insights
  • Delivering applications that reduce costs and increase revenue

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