Apptium Releases 2nd Generation of EPortal Platform


Nice, France – May 15, 2018 – Apptium Technologies, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, announces the release of its second generation EPortal platform – Bonito. EPortal Bonito helps enterprises drive digital transformation throughout the organization by increasing automation and streamlining business operations and processes.

The EPortal platform delivers innovative advancements on many levels to drive efficiencies. Key components spotlight: a low-code business application toolkit, BPM orchestration and workflow capabilities, a visual API builder to quickly integrate with back-end systems, and cognitive computing capabilities delivering advanced predictive analytics.

Enterprise Benefits Include:

  • Accelerated time to market: simplifying the steps necessary to bring new products and solutions to market faster to drive revenue growth.
  • Market differentiation: rooted in customer experience, the platform enables shopper-specific promotions based on individual searches, behaviors and preferences.
  • Omni-channel: customers are demanding consistency and ease of use when interacting across channels providing a more personalized and unified experience.
  • Reduced operational costs: abstracting all operations within the platform allows for less overhead maintenance, immediate system feedback, and a new focus on innovation.
  • Agile business response: a low/no-code toolkit means that anyone in the enterprise can quickly create new applications to adapt to market demands.
  • Fail-proof systems: Cloud-based microservices allow for quick recoveries, coupled with enhanced encryption and API health monitoring.
  • Intelligent customer service: drive desired customer outcomes through effortless self-service capabilities and automated intelligent content recommendations.

“Our goals for this release were to focus on user experience and design, and re-usable assets at every level. We wanted to enable a codeless workshop where our customers could significantly accelerate time to market, going from concept-to-live in a matter of days”, says Dinesh Pandurangan, CTO of Apptium Technologies. “We are delighted to already have a lead customer in place for this release – a large nationally recognized Canadian service provider.” In an extensive modernization project, by overlaying legacy tech and configuring the experience to provide easy and seamless integration of the business workflow, Apptium is helping drive down maintenance costs and enhancing program delivery to the client’s customers. The client was able to quickly integrate front-end and back-end systems, minimize resources to projects, accelerate delivery to customer, and recognize revenue from customer sooner.

Bonito is now available to enterprises both as a cloud offering and as an on-premise installation.

Visit Apptium at Digital Transformation World Nice at Booth 334, May 14-16, 2018 for a demo of Bonito.

About Apptium

Apptium is a digital transformation solutions provider to leading enterprises serving the Communications, Media, Entertainment and High-Tech industries. Our solutions optimize the customer journey, streamline the fulfillment process, and enhance customers’ digital interactions. We enable our Clients to understand and learn from information across the entire enterprise and customer base to drive real-time actions and enable Omni-channel, customer-centric digital experiences at lower cost and faster time to market. From planning to implementation, our solutions help evolve digital strategy, elevate customer experience, and transform business operations. Our clients and partners include nationally recognized brands in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.


Claudia Gilmour
Director, Marketing
Apptium Technologies